Green gym equipment for outdoor training 


Those of us who are aware of our environmental impact can find our training sessions challenging; it’s a sad fact that most gym tools are made of unsustainable, unrecycled materials that take a toll on the planet. Unfortunately, finding an environmentally friendly gym in the neighbourhood we live in might simply prove impossible.  Luckily, there’s …

4 Tips for Choosing an Eco Friendly Vacuum Cleaner 

Vacuum Cleaner

Charity begins at home—this age-old adage also holds true for maintaining a clean environment. We all want to keep our homes tidy, and by switching to eco-friendly vacuum cleaners for a change, we can do that while safeguarding the environment.  A robust cleaning tool is a must for any household. You must regularly clean your …

Eco Friendly Kitchen Faucets 


Even though we live in a world torn apart by cast, creed, and color, the Earth is what we all have in common. Mother nature provides for all her children. But, we also have to take care of our planet, and that can start from your kitchen!  Giving back to the planet requires our constant …