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Earth in a bubble

Join us to be inspired and learn how to make living sustainable easy. Here you’ll learn how to improve your environmental footprint and what governments are doing to achieve climate goals such as Net Zero Building (NZB). In order to create our planet nzb a reality, we can all make differences in our routines and help each other make better greener choices.

Maintaining a sustainable home

Battling for a better world doesn’t mean having to give up everything you love. It can simply mean changing the little things in your daily routine, while still maintaining your core idea of a home. For example, you can lessen your environmental footprint by investing in more sustainable home equipment. Eco-friendly home products can include:

· Eco friendly cleaner

· Eco friendly faucets

· Intuitive thermostats

· Eco vacuum cleaner

· Smart strips and power adapters, etc.

There may also be governmental energy savings assessments provided in your region, which can get you a professionals help and advice on how to make your house more efficient and sustainable. These programs can recommend simple steps such as investing in better curtains or how to save money on water heating.

Greenifying your foods

Another simple way to live a more sustainable and climate friendly life is by adjusting what’s on your plates. There’s been a long-lasting trend to move towards a greener diet. This is visible when observing movements such as “Meat Free Mondays” and the rise in vegan and vegetarian eaters.

But why is eating meat bad for the planet? The meat industry requires a lot of energy and water for the feeding and raising of cattle, while animal waste pollutes the air and oceans. Substantial amounts of energy and fuel are then used to process, cool, and transport the meats to the store. Once in the homes of people, meats also tend to require more energy for cooking than do vegetable-based foods.

Therefore, turning to a greener diet can not only help the climate but also help you save on your energy bill. That’s why you can search our website for the best nz vegan recipes, delicious meat replacement options, vegan wines, and much more. In that way, you can consider both waste and taste to enrich your palette.

Climate friendly workouts

The more you focus on a healthier lifestyle, the easier it gets. Taking care of your body, by for example working out, can be one step in achieving your sustainable lifestyle goals. There

are also several ways that you can make your workout as a whole, to be more climate friendly.

For example, there are a lot of green gym equipment on the market. These can lower energy usage, be made of recycled materials, or retain energy created for household use. Furthermore, there is a growing market for eco-branded and durable gym clothes and water bottles, as well as an increase in home and outdoor gyms. In combination with factors such as home equipment and refrigerator items, your lifestyle can help us create a better planet.