Eco Friendly Kitchen Faucets 


Even though we live in a world torn apart by cast, creed, and color, the Earth is what we all have in common. Mother nature provides for all her children. But, we also have to take care of our planet, and that can start from your kitchen! 

Giving back to the planet requires our constant effort to minimize and conserve the use of our natural resources. Thus, even a baby step like installing eco-friendly faucets in your kitchen can contribute to natural resource conservation. 

According to studies, a faucet dripping one drop per minute can waste about 34 gallons of water every year. Here, an eco-friendly kitchen faucet can reduce water waste by 95%. 

Besides, eco-friendly faucets often come with great touchless features and modern decor that add great value to your kitchen. It’s merely a myth that perhaps an eco-friendly kitchen is too costly and that items are unavailable. Most kitchen equipment is plentiful and reasonably priced. 

To know more about how to keep your kitchen green and trendy, stick around till the end of this article as we go over what eco-friendly kitchen faucets are and why you should care. Also, we’ll provide our recommendations for the top 3 eco-friendly kitchen faucet brands, along with brief reviews. 

So, let’s go green, starting from your kitchen! 

What Eco-Friendly Faucets Are and How They Work 

In traditional faucets, the majority of the water rarely contacts the object to be washed and instead runs down the drain. This is where eco-friendly smart kitchen faucets make a difference by eliminating the majority of water waste. 

Eco-friendly faucets employ a technique known as the atomization of water droplets, which is the act of dividing a steady flow of water into small droplets that move at high speed. This makes it perfect for cleaning because the particles have a larger surface area and settle at a quicker pace. 

Also, most eco-friendly faucets have a smart design that allows users to measure how much water they are using and set limitations to switch them off to improve water conservation when necessary.  

When you place your hand, brush or cup in front of the faucet, an infrared sensor can detect it and instantly switch on the faucet. This sensor, however, is battery-powered and has a reasonable lifespan—which varies by brand. 

Why Choose an Environment-friendly Kitchen Faucet 

Going green doesn’t always imply sacrificing usability. Rather, environment-friendly alternatives can add great value to your household while conserving natural elements. Thus, let’s look at some of the perks of using environmentally friendly faucets in your kitchen.  

Comfort and Hygiene Make a Good Team 

One of the main advantages of eco-friendly kitchen faucets is that you can wash your hands without touching the faucet while using it. Along with conserving water, this also ensures hygiene and ease of use for children and the elderly in your family. 

The hands-free method prevents bacteria from being transferred from your hands to the faucet as you turn on the stream.  

Instead, when your hands activate the motion sensor, the water comes on automatically. This also prevents bacteria from being transferred from the tap to your hand, as you don’t need to switch off the flow manually. 

Aside from not spreading germs and grime, eco-friendly kitchen faucets have the added benefit of being easy to clean, making daily life simpler. In most households, you’ll have to face the trouble of cleaning oily or moist fingerprints on the surface of traditional faucets on a regular basis. 

With a smart eco-friendly faucet, you almost never come into contact with the object’s surface, preventing unsightly spotting and stains. Say goodbye to boring cleaning hours for good! 

Saving Money and the Environment 

Choosing an eco-friendly alternative can also cut down on your maintenance and bills. The mechanism of the environment-friendly faucets makes it impossible to leave the water flowing after your cleaning is done.  

If the sensor detects nothing, it will instantly turn off the water, considerably enhancing water savings. Just imagine the savings you’re going to make on your water and utility bills if you can cut down on waste with eco-friendly faucets in your kitchen! 

Added Security with Ease of Use 

We know that taking care of your family, colleagues, and clients is a priority. An eco-friendly kitchen faucet can be of great assurance in this case.  

Smart environmentally friendly faucets with fixed temperature control settings can help to avoid mistakes that could result in burns, especially to sensitive hands. This also allows your hands to do other things when the water is running, such as keeping the pan underneath the faucet or retrieving items from the sink. 

Besides, most eco-friendly faucets come with easier maintenance. Because of their simplistic design, cleaning the handles, changing old or damaged moving parts, and even changing the whole faucet can be significantly easier. 

Top 3 Branded Eco Friendly Kitchen Faucets for A Smart Kitchen 

At this point, we’ll look at some of the best brands that offer eco-friendly faucets while keeping with our sustainability benchmark. 


We found Sloan to be a transparent green kitchen appliance brand that communicates what they should do in terms of sustainability inside their organization and in the technology they use.  

For example, they utilize Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) on each of their goods to demonstrate the environmental impact of the product over its full life cycle. They offer this information in individual reports for each faucet. They are also LEED v4 certified, a certification that guarantees the sustainability and water efficiency of the faucets. 

Sloan’s most recent faucet models have a 0.35 GPM (gallons per minute) version with various configurable options, including the opportunity to add a carbon-neutral feature. This increased its sustainability factors in our opinion.  

Furthermore, their battery-operated faucets come with a cell with a life span of three years at 8,000 rotations per month on average. Their design also offers an additional power harvesting capability, which considerably increases the battery’s service life. For example, the EAF-350 model also has a bi-stable magnetic control valve for further energy savings. 

Last but not least, some of their faucets feature a “timeout” setting of 10 seconds (how late it will flow steadily with movement available) and a “follow-up” time (how frequently the sensors will test to see if there is an object there) that is usually set to 1 second and changeable inside the field to vary between 0–10 seconds. This is wonderful for reducing water waste. 


We like these kitchen faucets from Toto since they use “Ecopower” rather than a wired connection, batteries, and so on. Ecopower captures the energy of flowing water and uses it to power itself.  

The best part about this brand is that they provide all the necessary features for all of their products across budget ranges.  

Most of them have a flow rate of 0.35 GPM, use water flow to power themselves (Toto’s EcoPower does not require an external power supply) and are fitted with an infrared sensor to guarantee fluid is only discharged if a user uses it.  

The standard versions also include vandal proof aerator casing. 


Last but not least, Kohler is another name in the eco-friendly kitchen faucet industry that has wonderful products and a plethora of details on their sustainable practices on their website. 

They have various targets for their environmental commitment, including striving for a net-zero environmental effect by 2035. Kohler also looked towards the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and has various community engagement initiatives and projects focusing on water conservation around the country.  

This LEED-certified company has developed Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), which increase transparency by marking the goods’ life cycle throughout the whole production chain. 

The faucets use Kohler’s Insight Technology, which is an intelligent infrared sensor that receives and analyzes data from the surrounding environment upon installation. After capturing this data, Insight synchronizes the device to reduce false triggers and enhance the faucet’s performance. 

Most standard Kohler eco-friendly faucets come in both .5 and .35 GPM features giving you a good range of models to choose from. Their products are durable, and some of their best products are powered by a hybrid power cell that lasts 30 years.  

Thus, Kohler is also a good choice for eco-friendly faucets with a good amount of buying options. 

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