Sustainability and Strength: Exploring the Properties and Benefits of Ecoply


Throughout the last few decades, people have become more and more conscious of the environment around them and their own effect on it. The fact that our civilisation is founded on ways that harm Mother Earth is well known to all. So, what are eco-conscious people doing about it? Well, they are trying to come …

Sustainability Trust: A Social Enterprise Promoting Eco-Friendly Living for New Zealand Communities


Being sustainable means being conscious of our impact on the environment and making choices that minimise this impact. As the whole world is facing challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, and environmental degradation, sustainability is quickly becoming a topic deeply rooted in people’s lives. The main focus of sustainability is to take precautions against …

The Jim Beam Homegrown Festival: Leading the Way in Sustainable Festivals

Music festival crowd

The Jim Beam Homegrown Festival is not just any music festival; it’s one of New Zealand’s most popular music festivals. The festival is known for supporting local artists, and can celebrate with more than 16 years in the business. After reading this guide, you can also make sure that it will be a sustainable experience …

Container Homes: A Sustainable and Innovative Housing Solution

Cozy container home

As the world continues to face environmental challenges, sustainable living has become a top priority. People are seeking eco-friendly options in almost every aspect of their lives, including housing. In recent years, container homes have gained popularity as an affordable and sustainable housing solution. In this blog post, we will discuss the history, benefits, and …

Waste sorting: Saving the climate, one trash bin at the time

Image of three boxes for sorting different categories of waste.

Waste management is a critical issue facing our planet, and proper waste sorting is an essential part of the solution. In this text, we will discuss the benefits of waste sorting, including its impact on the environment and the role of local solutions in promoting sustainability. What is waste sorting? Waste sorting is the process …

About the Recycle Boutique NZ – 13 Stores for Conscious Shopping

Second hand

“It pays to recycle”. That is the motto of Recycle Boutique, a well-known New Zealand business specializing in selling second-hand clothing. The company has thirteen different stores nationwide and strives to make shopping an environmentally friendly experience, for increased sustainability in the world of fashion. In this text, you can read more about Recycle Boutique …

The Second-Hand Store Solution: How Shopping at Thrift Stores Can Help Save the Planet

Thrift Store

From holiday shopping sprees to fast fashion’s “trend today, trash tomorrow” temptations, our consumption habits have a severe impact on the environment. Still, the solution to reducing our ecological footprint can be as simple as second-hand shopping. The fast fashion scene has made us forget how, practically, our purchases are just one-night stands with our …

Sustainability and Farm Source working hand in hand


Sustainability. You have heard it before. But you need to hear it again. Sustainability. It is all about making our precious Earth last longer, and for us to live better. It is that simple, and that complicated all at once. What does it really mean to work with sustainability? According to one dictionary, sustaining something …

Growing Your Own Food with Vegepods: A Sustainable Solution for Climate Change

Sustainable growth

Let’s talk about the environmental benefits of growing your own foods, and discuss how raised garden beds can help.

A to Z Guide to Climate Change

Climate Change

Most of us have heard of and are relatively well versed in the ins and outs of climate change. If we don’t know the details, we’ve at least heard of Greta Thunberg and her Friday Strikes for the Climate. As she points out, climate change is an urgent global issue that is affecting our planet …