The Second-Hand Store Solution: How Shopping at Thrift Stores Can Help Save the Planet

Thrift Store

From holiday shopping sprees to fast fashion’s “trend today, trash tomorrow” temptations, our consumption habits have a severe impact on the environment. Still, the solution to reducing our ecological footprint can be as simple as second-hand shopping. The fast fashion scene has made us forget how, practically, our purchases are just one-night stands with our …

Sustainability and Farm Source working hand in hand


Sustainability. You have heard it before. But you need to hear it again. Sustainability. It is all about making our precious Earth last longer, and for us to live better. It is that simple, and that complicated all at once. What does it really mean to work with sustainability? According to one dictionary, sustaining something …

A to Z Guide to Climate Change

Climate Change

Most of us have heard of and are relatively well versed in the ins and outs of climate change. If we don’t know the details, we’ve at least heard of Greta Thunberg and her Friday Strikes for the Climate. As she points out, climate change is an urgent global issue that is affecting our planet …